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SK Refrigeration Heating and Cooling Ltd

Nationwide Produce Plc. Largest Opteon™ XL40 Project in UK for Cold Chain Applications.

F-gas: un elemento chiave per la decarbonizzazione

I gas fluorurati, in particolare nelle pompe di calore, sono la chiave per raggiungere gli obiettivi climatici dell'UE.

F-gases: A critical climate solution

Discover the safe and efficient new generation of F-gases developed in response to the challenge of climate change.

HFO Refrigerants: A Critical Tool for Climate Progress

Explore the role HFO refrigerants and blends are playing in the move to more sustainable cooling.

The Global Standard: 100-year GWP and Refrigerant Impacts

Learn why the 20-year GWP values proposed by some refrigerant marketers aren't an accurate measure.

A First for France

Axima Réfrigération pioneers direct expansion supermarket systems, powered by low-GWP A2L Opteon™ XL20 (R-454C) from Chemours.

Opteon Refrigerants Management and Compliance Calculator Tool

Impatto dei cambiamenti nei refrigeranti per supermercati

Tracciare l'impatto dei cambiamenti dei refrigeranti sugli impianti di refrigerazione dei supermercati.

SK Refrigeration adopting XL40 as the most reliable and energy efficient cold chain solution for the largest supply of mushrooms and substrates in Ireland and UK

Walsh Mushrooms Group is one of the largest suppliers of fresh mushrooms and substrate in Ireland and the UK.

ASDA Bootle Cold Room Solution

ASDA, one of the Britain's leader retailers, switching from CO₂ refrigerant (R-744) to energy efficient XL40 (R-454A)

grocerystore refrigeration close up

Passa a soluzioni di refrigerazione più sostenibili

Un importante rivenditore ha stretto una partnership con Chemours per utilizzare i refrigeranti Opteon™ a basso potenziale di riscaldamento globale (Global Warming Potential, GWP).