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Industry Collaboration Leads to a Successful Conversion of an Aging R-22 Flooded System to a More Sustainable Ice Rink Solution

Hurst Mechanical, Young Supply and Chemours partner to upgrade Grand Rapids’ Van Andel Arena with Opteon™ XP40 (R-449A) refrigerant.

2-PIC Immersion Cooling Infographic

A New Standard for Data Center Energy Efficiency

Today's F-gases are superior to "natural" refrigerants in many ways.

So-called "natural" refrigerants aren't natural, new, universal or risk free.

Opteon™ XL20 Paves the Way for A2L Technology in Commercial Refrigeration

Hensley Beverage Company takes the lead in embracing next-generation solutions with its first Opteon™ XL20 system.

HFOs vs. Industrial Gases (aka “Naturals”)

Industrial Gases (aka “Naturals”) aren’t the future of cooling

Performance E formance Evaluation of a Flooded Ice Rink Chiller Retr aluation of a Flooded Ice Rink Chiller Retrofit fr oom R-22 to R-449A

The selection criteria of working fluids for industrial refrigeration, dictated by both safety and environmental factors, has evolved continuously since the advent of refrigerant technology.

Next Generation Refrigerants: Building a More Sustainable Future

Discover how the critical role low GWP refrigerants play in health and safety, the global economy, and a more sustainable future.

Refrigeranti HFO e Costi del Ciclo Vita Inferiori

Scopri a perche' i refrigeranti HFO a basso GWP sono una alternativa economica.

Soluzioni refrigeranti HFO: l'Efficienza Energetica e'un fattore chiave.

Scopri come i refrigeranti HFO a basso GWP rappresentino la soluzione a lungo termine per massimizzare benefici ambientali e costi.

Refrigerant Conversions for Flooded Systems Part 2. R-22 Ice Rink Refrigeration Plants

Conversion of an Ice Rink Chiller from R-22 to Opteon™ XP40 (R-449A)